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The Lily Farm's Women's Ideal Racerback Tank

The Lily Farm's Women's Ideal Racerback Tank

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🚜Presenting the "The Lily Farm" Women's Ideal Racerback Tank – Embrace Farm Comfort with Purpose!🚜 

🐴Design Note: Due to variations in the production process, minor design variations may occur.

🐴Material: 100% Polyester

🐴Style Note: Please be aware that the thickness of the fabric may vary slightly.

🐴Print Note: The design is printed on one side of the tank.

🐴Front Design: Immerse yourself in the spirit of the farm with the beautifully crafted "The Lily Farm" logo, elegantly placed on the front. It's a heartwarming reminder of the beauty of farm life.

🐴Comfortable Fit: Tailored for comfort and style, this racerback tank is designed to be your ideal companion for casual days or outdoor adventures.

🚜 Farm Vibes: The tank exudes the charm of farm life through a delightful array of farm emojis, celebrating the connection to nature and animals.

💰Purposeful Giving: With every purchase, you directly contribute to The Lilly Farm's well-being. A significant 20% of the sale proceeds support farm upkeep, animal care, and essential supplies.

❤️ Learn More: Dive into the inspiring work of The Lily Farm at, and witness the tangible impact of your support.

🚜 Step into Farm Comfort: Elevate your wardrobe with the "The Lily Farm" Women's Ideal Racerback Tank. Not only will you enjoy the relaxed fit, but you'll also play a vital role in sustaining a farm that makes a positive difference.

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