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The Lily Farm Kiss-Cut Stickers

The Lily Farm Kiss-Cut Stickers

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🚜 Introducing "The Lily Farm" Custom Kiss-Cut Stickers – Shape Your Vision with Ultimate Flexibility! 🚜

🐴Flexibility in Design: Embrace your creativity with our custom kiss-cut stickers. This cutting method allows you to choose any shape you envision, while keeping the back intact for easy peeling.

🐴Material: Crafted with 100% vinyl, these stickers feature reliable 3M glue for secure adhesion.

🐴Sizes: Available in four sizes, our stickers cater to a range of preferences and applications.

🐴Color Options: Choose between white or transparent backgrounds, ensuring your stickers seamlessly match your style.

🐴Innovative Design: For white stickers, a clever touch is added – a grey adhesive on the left side for a polished finish.

🐴Format Note: Design your stickers using the PNG format, ensuring a high-quality outcome.

🐴Indoor Use: These stickers are perfect for indoor applications, adding flair to your personal space. However, please note they are not waterproof.

🚜❤️Purposeful Giving: With every purchase, you directly contribute to The Lily Farm's well-being. A substantial 20% of the sale proceeds support farm upkeep, animal care, and essential supplies.

🐴Learn More: Delve into the inspiring work of The Lily Farm at, and witness the tangible impact of your support.

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