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I Love You Photo Mug - Personalized Expressions of Love 15oz Ceramic Mug

I Love You Photo Mug - Personalized Expressions of Love 15oz Ceramic Mug

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Introducing our I Love You Photo Mug - Personalized Expressions of Love 15oz Ceramic Mug – a heartfelt fusion of durability, customization, and functionality, now featuring a unique 'I Love You' design artfully composed of five cherished photos chosen by you.

🌈 Key Features:

Generous Size: This 15oz (0.44 liters) white ceramic mug is crafted for moments of connection over your favorite beverages.

  • Durable Craftsmanship: Constructed from high-quality white ceramic, this mug not only boasts durability but also serves as a canvas for your treasured memories.

  • Sublimation Printing: Our advanced sublimation printing ensures a vibrant and enduring 'I Love You' mosaic, intricately composed of five photos, transforming the mug into a timeless expression of affection.

  • Microwave-Safe: From reheating your favorite drink to warming up snacks, this mug is your versatile companion in the kitchen, microwave-safe for both food and liquid heating.

  • Dishwasher-Safe: After indulging in your favorite beverage, cleaning is a breeze. Pop the mug into the dishwasher for easy maintenance.

  • Easy Care Instructions: Maintain the pristine appearance of your mug effortlessly by either cleaning it in the dishwasher or washing it by hand with warm water and dish soap.

  • Size Guide:

    • Imperial Measurements:

      • Height: 4.72 inches
      • Diameter: 3.39 inches
      • Diameter (with handle): 4.92 inches
    • Metric Measurements:

      • Height: 12 cm
      • Diameter: 8.6 cm
      • Diameter (with handle): 12.5 cm

Perfect for Every Occasion: Whether it's a romantic gesture, a special anniversary gift, or a token of affection, our "Expressions of Love" mug, adorned with the 'I Love You' design composed of your chosen photos, is a thoughtful way to share your love while enjoying your favorite beverages.

Elevate your coffee or tea time with this personalized and practical mug. Order your "Expressions of Love" 15oz Ceramic Mug today and let every sip be a reminder of the warmth and love in your life!

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