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10% of all Rett Syndrome Awareness Sales go directly to Karis to help with the costs of her fight!


Like most I had never heard of Rett Syndrome. That was until I heard about Karis.  A childhood friends daughter who is battling the disease. Read what her family has to say about her fight below and you'll see exactly why I jumped at the chance to help this adorable little girl and her family.

Karis was born happy, healthy and completely typical in July, 2016. She was hitting milestones on schedule until she was 9 months old at which point she stopped progressing and suddenly started regressing. She stopped talking, struggled to sit up independently and had trouble eating. In November 2017, the hospital ran a test to rule out Rett Syndrome which they were sure Karis didn't have. She was diagnosed 3 1/2 weeks later with Rett Syndrome which  would rob her of the ability to walk, talk and even feed herself. Karis lost all of her independence within a few months and became dependent on others for everything including anticipating her wants and needs.

Karis is done with the initial regression and the inability to move forward has passed for her family now. So Karis is in PT, OT, ST, OT hippo-therapy,  PT hippo-therapy and aquatic therapy weekly to help her gain as much as possible. She is able to verbalize her wants and needs via an eye gaze communication device when she is positioned in front of it.

Karis attends Rett Clinic visits in Nashville, Tennessee and approximately 10 different specialist between Toledo and Columbus for her medical care. Currently there is no cure for Rett Syndrome. 

We don't want to mislead anyone, Karis has Rett Syndrome but that doesn't define her. Karis has 7 siblings that she adores, she laughs, loves paw patrol and the color pink. She is a sport fanatic and attends an assortment of her siblings sporting events along with cuddling with her parents. She is the strongest person that we know.

Thank you to Tara Gray and Personalize it Toledo for their support of Karis and Rett Syndrome.

10% of all Rett Syndrome sales goes directly to Karis and her family to help with her care.  

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